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Gfci type electrical outlets are explained why needed at Wilmette home inspection.

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

What is a Gfci type electrical outlet?  You will learn where these outlets should be installed and how they protect you through a home inspection I performed in Wilmette, Illinois.  These outlets are extremely important for the safety of the occupants of your home.

I will start out explaining how these outlets work.  This is what I had to do also for the clients of the home inspection in Wilmette.  It is really a pretty basic concept.  The gfci outlet has a breaker built into the outlet that is set to a certain amperage.  If there is a spike in the electric the breaker will pop out and stop the electric currant running thought the outlet.  To use the outlet again, you will have to reset the breaker switch in the outlet body.  These outlets were designed to protect against electrocution.  That usually happens when water and electric are introduced to each other.

The next portion of this article is the location of gfci type electric outlets.  These outlets should be in all the areas I will list below to protect your family from possible electrical accidents. We like to see these outlets in areas any where water and electric can meet.  This is what I explained to my clients from the Wilmette home inspection.  The exact areas they should be located in as follows: kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, exterior areas of a home, crawl spaces, unfinished basements, attics.  So you find areas that you don’t have these outlets?  Don’t worry they are reasonably priced to replace.  Generally, the outlets cost $7-$10 an outlet.  You can hire an electrical contractor and have them installed for you.  You can see prices of what you should pay at our replacement page at ~  If you don’t want to pay someone to do your electrical work you can do it your self.  Don’t know how?  Ill show you at ~  This is a blog where I explain step by step how to change out an outlet.  So now you can see how easy these outlets are to install and how important they can be for your family’s safety.  My clients from the Wilmette home inspection did not realize how important these outlets are.

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Thanks for stopping by.  Jim Kolke