Wilmette home inspection explains why every home bought or sold needs to be inspected.

Are you buying a home?  Are you selling your home?  This is a time when big mistakes can be made for being to frugal or plainly to cheap.  Many people do not believe in getting a home inspection prior to buying or selling a home.  In my opinion, that is a big mistake for little money.  A 3 bedroom and 2 bath home can be inspected for as little as $300.00.  Recently, we were hired to inspect a home in Wilmette, Illinois and the home was a 3 bedroom/2 bath home.  The inspection found $2300.00 in issues that needed to be repaired or replaced.  As you can see, the inspection cost was approx. 12% of the repair price and under 10% of 1% of the purchase price of the home.

The same Wilmette home inspection was able to inform the owner of the home through the repair summary of dangerous issues found in the breaker box that could have caused electrical outages or even worse … fires!   I’m trying to educate home owners and home buyers about items that can be dangerous in their homes and how to repair them.  Their is nothing worse that uncertainty in a home .  We give our clients real costs that they can hang their hats on.  You can  see some of these costs at~http://www.pinnaclepropertyinspection.com/repair-replacement-costs.html.

The same Wilmette home inspection can aid home sellers in knowing what repairs they will be liable for if a perspective buyer would hire a home inspector to evaluate their home.  There really isn’t any negatives in getting a professional home inspection.

Please contact us if you have any questions on how to find a quality home inspection company at~ www.pinnaclepropertyinspection.com  Thank you~ Jim Kolke

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